Billy Mangino

T-Shaped and Self Motivated

My passion for creating is something that cannot be satiated. Initially starting as a love for photography and graphic design, it's evolved into a full-blown obsession. I am always seeking out new methods and the best practices in order to continuously improve my skill set. That way I can create the most compellingly designed and refined interactions between users and brands.

  • Branding70%
  • Experience Design80%
  • Interface Design100%
  • Strategy80%

My Workflow

Software and Collaboration Tools

Portfolio Selections

Just a few of my favorite projects

Special Permission Required

Due to the terms of many of my past and current contracts I am unable to display some of my best work. But fear not, I am able to provide all the references, links and information you could possibly need to validate me ability.

I'd love to talk more about my process and studies.